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Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions - from Natalija Chinni - 214-783-3798

Platinum Seamless Hair Extension Colors in regular and fantasy shades -- offered by Natalija Chinni Hair Salon - 214-783-3798

Platinum Seamless Hair Extentions Straight and Beautifully Wavy Examples

Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions - from Natalija Chinni Hair Salon

Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions - from Natalija Chinni - 214-783-3798Platinum Seamless™ Hair Extensions

Platinum Seamless hair extentions are made with the highest quality Remy cuticle hair. Their selection of multiple attachment techniques blend seamlessly with your own hair for a completely natural look lasting 3-months or more.

They're weightless, invisible and paperthin. You can have a full head of hair extension (including cut and blow-dry) in under 2-hours!


Attaching the Hair

Their patent-pending hair extension system "InterSeal System™ / True Touch" provides a new way to quickly add volume, length and color. The results are long wearing, damage-free hair that is truly touchable, invisible and comfortable - regardless of your hair type, condition or lifestyle.

Advantage InterSeal  System™ / True Touch
This method system combines 100% Human Remy Cuticle Hair with an individualized paper thin adhesive gel attachment that can support multiple application techniques. This enables a certified-stylist to intelligently choose the technique best suited to the client’s needs.

No one will believe that you're wearing hair extension. Platinum Seamless is the hair extension system that offer the True Touch Advantage™. We are a Certified Platinum Seamless Salon. Use this link to visit the Platinum Seamless website.


Hair Extensions

  • No lumps, no bumps, no plastic, no metal, no rigid polyurethane, no glue.
  • Damage free, touchable, comfortable, natural looking and feeling hair.
  • Can be worn straight, wavy, down, up, pulled-back on the sides, in a high or low ponytail.
  • Dual Level Color System:
    • Perfectly match hair color from roots to end - creates an invisible bond
    • InterSeal™ attachment method allows easy blending with natural hair
    • Tinted adhesive strips come in assorted colors for undetectable application and natural blending
    • Available in 37 color shades
    • Solid and Hi-Lighted colors
    • Straight and wavy styles


         Platinum Seamless hair extensions - how we apply them to your hair


We will tell you exactly how to care for your new hair extensions before you leave the salon that day - including what are the best hair conditioners and styling tools.


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